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This blog was officially started in January of 2011 despite the fact that I have been professionally programming for web and doing software engineering since 2004.  There were several motivating factors for starting this blog.

First, I wanted to contribute to the open source, web programming, and software engineering communities that I have been involved with over the years.  Often, I have been the benefactor from others in our community and I have learned quite a bit from reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching webinars.  I felt it was time that I began to contribute back by sharing some of my knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated over the years.  Hopefully, others will follow and be able to learn from my experiences.

Second, I wanted to give those who are not in the software engineering a field a view of some of the amazing things that we can do with programming languages, web applications, and computers in general.  I work with many entrepreneurs who can’t even begin to imagine how web and application development can increase their efficiency, productivity, and overall sales simply because they don’t know it even exists.  I hope some of the posts in this blog reach those individuals, small business, and corporations and give them inspiration to work more closely with those in my field of computer science.

Lastly, this blog is here for a couple of self-serving purposes.  I’ve written a lot of code over the years and it’s not uncommon for me to reuse some of these scripts for other applications if the functionality requires it.  However, often I can’t remember exactly what I previously wrote, where I placed it, or how I implemented it.  Hence, this blog will serve as a repository of scripts and notes for me and others to refer back to at a later date.  I also hope that I can use this blog as reference to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise that I bring to the field of computer science.

Thanks in advance to everyone who reads, comments, and donates to keep this blog a viable resource for all.

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